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Coiling by Baylee Griffin & Jenn Ma

Various dates: Wednesday 14 August - Sunday 18 August

Duration: 45 minutes

General Admission: $35 | Concession: $30 (use code 'Concession' at checkout)

Clay and flesh spiral as one in this experimental performance where the tangible and ephemeral intertwine.

Coiling is an intimate meditative experience delving into the parallel cycles of the human and clay bodies. Inside the re-imagined space of the old Commonwealth Bank, a fabric installation acts as a billowing sculpture surrounding the performers and audiences. Time is slowed down to linger and witness this perpetual dance of creation and destruction of place, physical materials and the metamorphosis of identity.

This work was developed with Dancenorth in 2024 as part of its Regional Gravitation – 4 Walls and a Floor Program.

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